"Being a Visionary is my Job, developing businesses is my hobby" - Dante #techkanye

Born and bred in Buffalo, New York, and currently splitting my time between the scenic Silicon Falls (Niagara Falls, New York) and the bustling streets of New York City, I'm Dante Richardson—a seasoned entrepreneur and visionary venture developer in the business world of technology, creative industries, and social impact. 

My journey began under the mentorship of Buffalo's legal powerhouse, Micheal S. Taheri, Esq., at the tender age of 16. From there, I delved into the corporate world, interning at M&T Bank and Morgan Stanley, gaining valuable insights into internal business operations. High school didn't just mean textbooks for me; it marked the birth of my first venture—an Entertainment Business Management company hosting live events for fellow students. This entrepreneurial spark led me to co-found In3D MGMT, a full-service agency for music artists and creative projects.

My diverse experience spans over a decade in the Entertainment Industry, encompassing music production, promotions, marketing, event coordination, talent management, entertainment business management, and music technology strategy solutions. 

With a passion for technology, I ventured into the dynamic realm of business development, leading the charge at Liven—a customer engagement platform leveraging Web3 technology. My role? Steering the ship of technology commercialization in the U.S. market. 

Stanford University recognized my entrepreneurial prowess with an award, and I co-founded PipeDreamers Foundation, Stooty Technologies, and earned the prestigious title of Founder-in-Residence at Bubble—the go-to visual programming platform for software products.

But my journey isn't just about business; it's about impact. As a former justice-impacted youth turned advocate, I serve as a Strategic Innovation Advisor at Cornell ILR's Criminal Justice Employment Initiative. I co-founded PipeDreamers Foundation to leverage technology to develop ecosystems of support for disadvantaged youth from justice-impacted households. 

Beyond the boardroom, I wear the hat of an IC Success Mentor at Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, guiding underserved minority entrepreneurs through the business accelerator.

A true creative at heart, I find joy in creating music, engaging in political discussions, exploring history, and shooting hoops on the basketball court. Welcome to my world—a fusion of business acumen, social impact, and unbridled creativity.

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